English version of the User’s Manual updated

The CAPFITOGEN tools User's Manual in English has been updated!

I am glad to announce I have released an updated version of the user’s manual in English for CAPFITOGEN tools v 2.0. This new manual includes chapters for the new tools such as rLayer, Bfuture, Complementa, Modela and Mcompare. In addition to these new contents, this version includes updated information about some improvements in the installation process and tools performance.

Please click here to see/download the updated version in English.

This is not the final version of the second edition of the CAPFITOGEN tools User’s Manual. I will offer the final edited version in a nice layout very soon.

Finally I would like to highlight the work of translation by Ada Molina.


  1. Can you tell me why you are using such an obscure zip file format? Most of the website that offer the app to unzip are blocked from our company!

    • Dear Lucy,
      Sorry for my delayed reply. Yes, that is an obsolete zip format, but we are now close to release everything in a different format… please be alert of our new releases. Thanks for your comment.

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