Get core/nuclear ecogeographic germplasm collections based only on the coordinates of collecting sites

This tool makes it possible to obtain representative subcollections of the diversity of an original collection by any technician in charge of preserving these collections. In the case of ColNucleo, the diversity that is intended to be represented is ecogeographic and it requires an ELC map produced by the ELCmapas tool.

The concept of core collection in plant genetic resources has been underway since the 90′s. Diverse publications (click here) have popularized its use by showing its practical applications. However, to obtain these subcollections it was necessary to have phenotypic or genotypic information of the entire original collection (complete characterization studies), which reduced the possibility of application under conditions of low or limited financial resources.

However, some years ago, a different type of core collections has been designed, created, and validated from ecogeographic information. In two scientific papers(paper 1 and paper 2), it is described in detail how these core collections were obtained, and how (through ELC maps) they can be determined. The ColNucleo tool incorporates the last method to allow any germplasm curator to obtain core collections considering the different adaptive scenarios where the collection entries have been collected.

To learn more about ColNucleo, please read the chapter on this tool in the CAPFITOGEN3 user manual by clicking here.


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