A different way to analyze and use geo-referenced information from ecogeographic, phenotypic, and genotypic characterization, with direct applications in the preservation of agro-biodiversity

The DIVmapas tool allows you to create maps where you can easily detect the sites, zones, or regions of the target area where diversity hotspots occur (diversity maps). The type of quantified diversity depends on the type of information that users provide in the form of tables with predefined formats. If the user provides genotypic and/or phenotypic data, DIVmapas will be able to generate maps of genotypic and/or phenotypic diversity, respectively. Additionally, DIVmapas has the same ability as the ECOGEO tool to ecogeographically characterize collecting sites based on the coordinates of the passport data; this way, DIVmapas generates by default a map of ecogeographic diversity.

Diversity maps produced by DIVmapas are inspired (but do not follow the same methodology) by the maps created and produced by Maarten van Zonneveld (Bioversity) and colleagues in Mapping genetic diversity of Cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.): Application of spatial analysis for conservation and use of plant genetic resources, in 2011.

To learn more about DIVmapas, please read the chapter on this tool in the CAPFITOGEN3 user manual by clicking here.

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