Species distribution models (SDM) for conservation purposes and with the possibility to be projected onto future bioclimatic layers

Of all CAPFITOGEN3 tools, Modela is undoubtedly the most complex and has the largest number of parameters to be configured by the user. This tool allows the download and subsequent adjustment of information layers projected into the future. Modela creates species distribution models (SDM, up to 10 different algorithms) for current and future projected climate conditions (climate change scenarios), for presence/absence or presence-only data (with four different methods to generate pseudo-absence data), evaluation by about 10 different parameters, and the possibility of assembling predictions. Additionally, Modela can identify FIGS subsets or predictive characterization using the calibration technique.

If you want to know more about Modela, please read the chapter on this tool in the CAPFITOGEN3 user manual by clicking here.

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