Checks if your passport and input tables are properly set 

This tool can detect any errors in the input tables, whether they are passport tables or tables of presence of external sources, phenotypic or genotypic data, or nature of phenotypic variables. Testable offers the option of automatic correction of detected errors, which does not imply an improvement in the quality of the information analyzed but simply adjusting the format to meet the needs of CAPFITOGEN tools.

Testable detects the following types of error:

  • Non-matching fields
  • Fields in wrong locations
  • Empty cells
  • ‘Ghost’ columns and rows
  • Incorrect date formats
  • Incorrect format of decimal and sexagesimal coordinates
  • Incorrect specific code format of passport data FAO-Bioversity 2012 (multi-crop passport descriptor)

Under the auto-correction option, all existing errors will be shown as NA values ​​(equivalent to R ‘empty cell’).

In any case, with or without the auto-correction option, TesTable will generate a text file called ‘TestTableAnalysis.txt’ which will address all the errors found both in English and Spanish. So, if you want to correct errors detected manually, you can go line by line in this file, correcting the mistakes with your favorite spreadsheet program.

The tables to be analyzed by TesTable must be in the same format as for any other tool, i.e., tables that are in tab-delimited text format (.txt) and must be stored in the ‘Pasaporte’ folder, as required by the other tools. If you have selected the auto-correction option, the auto-corrected table will be saved in the ‘Pasaporte’ folder and, depending on the type of table that has been analyzed, the names of the tables will be:



External sources:




Nature of phenotypic variables:




Finally, the passport tables analyzed by TesTable may have the additional column ‘AVAILAB’ required by ColNucleo and FIGS_R tools, and five additional fields generated by GEOQUAL (LOCALQUAL, COORQUAL, SUITQUAL, TOTALQUAL, and TOTALQUAL100). To allow TesTable to correctly detect errors in passport tables with AVAILAB and/or GEOQUAL columns, please indicate this in the correct fields within the TesTable interface.

TesTable maintains the same parameters for its configuration in CAPFITOGEN3 which can be observed in the chapter on this tool in the CAPFITOGEN3 user manual.

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