Types of workshops

The CAPFITOGEN program essentially develops two types of training workshops and technology transfer to Latin America and the Caribbean


Regional Workshop

It was the type of workshop originally intended for the program. This type of workshop is an agreement between the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), and other institution of education, research (or both) of any Latin-American country interested in the conservation of agro-biodiversity.

The organization of this event is borne by the CAPFITOGEN Program and the ITPGRFA, with the logistical support of the aforementioned research/education institution and national FAO offices.

The CAPFITOGEN Workshop is, by default, a free event. However, places are limited and therefore selections of participants need to be made.

The CAPFITOGEN Program covers the participation costs of a technician representing each country of the ITPGRFA in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean (GRULAC). The selection of the technician is mainly borne by ITPGRFA National Focal Point in each country. These selected representatives should contact FAO national officers for their travel arrangement and delivery of diets.

The national institution partner receives a few extra places for its own staff to attend the event. Technical staff from non-partner countries are welcome to the workshops, although their participation costs cannot be covered by the CAPFITOGEN Program funds. The number of participants will not exceed 50 in any case.

Regional Workshops usually last 4 days, where the first day is essentially devoted to introductory aspects and theoretical bases that support the CAPFITOGEN technology, and the remaining three days are devoted to practice with computers and the tools themselves. Attendees tend to bring a laptop, but in case you do not have one, the event organizers will be responsible for providing them and other materials necessary for the normal development of practical lessons.


National Workshop

Due to the rise of regional workshops and demand of specific training from GRULAC countries from the ITPGRFA, National CAPFITOGEN Workshops were implemented. This is a reduced version and specific training that takes place in an institution of the interested country. The organization and funding of the event are responsibilities of the entity or entities requesting training and the CAPFITOGEN Program covers the attendance costs of staff responsible for providing training, manuals and training materials (excluding laptops and media equipment rental). Events usually last two or three days, in which we try to focus on national casuistry of the requesting country.

The organization and logistics of the National Workshops are borne by the national entity(ies), as well as the selection of personnel who can attend the event. The attendance in the National Workshops is limited to 25 technical staff.

To request a National Workshop training, the interested institution(s) should contact the ITPGRFA National Focal Point in their country which needs to approve and transfer the training request to the ITPGRFA Secretariat and the CAPFITOGEN Program coordinator. Depending on the availability of resources (to cover the attendance costs of the training staff), the event (and date) of the event would be eventually granted.

For more information on the types of workshops, please contact the CAPFITOGEN Program coordinator.

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